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How to restrict a PubMed search to PubMed’s main journals?

This post in a one-word nutshell: jsubsetaim.

Usually when I have such a simple question, I just type it into Google Scroogle and voilĂ . You know, standard Tech support cheat sheet algorithm. But this time it just didn’t work. Oddly enough, that basic question doesn’t seem to be answered anywhere. Or at least not clearly.
Anyway, after searching a bit around the PubMed search limits, I eventually found the Core clinical journals subset. And those core clinical journals, aka Abridged Index Medicus (AIM) are just it: the “main” (“most important”) PubMed journals. Check out the list: Nature, Lancet, The New England journal of medicine, etc.
So, to search among those titles only you can go to limits and select the Core clinical journals subset, or more simply you can just add jsubsetaim within your PubMed query.

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