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A “Valid HTML 5” button (plus a “Valid CSS” one)

I don’t really do a lot of “hand-coded” pages now, but still when I do I’ve always liked to emphasize the fact that it’s fully compliant with current standards. After all, with all the defects in current browsers (mainly MSIE, even though MSIE 9 fixed quite a lot of issues), it’s pretty time-consuming to figure out how to both be standard compliant and work well in all browsers. And, what’s better than some nice looking “valid HTML 5” and “valid CSS” buttons pointing to a validator to show off that work? The problem is, the W3C is always late on their “valid X” buttons (and even those outdated ones are hard to find, actually – I just spent 5 minutes searching for the official page listing them with no success) (edit: 2 months later I managed to find them, woohoo! :D).
So… I decided I’d just go ahead and do the job myself. The W3C made a whole page about a proposed new HTML 5 logo, so I took it as a starting point. I also found some W3C logos there. Finally I got a green checkbox picture there (NB: red version there). Put those altogether with Inkscape, using the same color as in the good old XHTML valid buttons, and here is the result:

Valid CSS button

Since this doesn’t really match the design of current valid buttons, I also made a valid CSS one (no version specified since that thing seems to be an eternal draft :s). Here it is:

Valid CSS button

Hope you like them and will use it to point to validators on your valid HTML 5 and CSS pages 🙂

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  1. UK Web Hosting says

    You can see our valid html5 button in action on our web hosting site

  2. patheticcockroach says

    Eh… that’s not my button! 😀
    Nice thingy otherwise, reminds me that I’d need to work a bit on sprites….

  3. patheticcockroach says

    Ok, for some reason this post is the number 1 target for spambots (that’s kind of the only place where we’re spammed), so I’m closing comments. If you really have a comment on it, just comment on another post, indicating this is about the HTML 5 button, and I’ll move it.