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How to disable the backspace keyboard shortcut in Firefox

At the time of 2 buttons mice and untabbed browser, the backspace shortcut for going backwards in the browsing history was a great feature. Nowadays, though, most mice feature at least a back and a forward button, and most browsers feature tab browsing. Thus:
1. The backspace shortcut is useless.
2. The backspace shortcut can be a nuisance when switching from a form to another in different tabs, because if you press it while having forgotten to select a field, you go back to before the form, thus losing what you typed in there, sometimes.

Hopefully, there is an easy way to disable this backspace keyboard shortcut in Firefox:
1. Go to about:config
2. Search for the setting called browser.backspace_action
3. Its default value is 0. Change it to 2.
4. Tada! It’s done.

Credits to this Q/A website, which unfortunately rated good a “bad” solution (the answer saying it’s impossible…), and rated bad the good solution…

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