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VisualGPG 0.1.2

NB: as mentioned in the other post, this program is totally useless now, as both Kleopatra and GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) can do the same thing while being enormously more polished (and up-to-date)

Two weeks ago, I introduced VisualGPG. Here’s an updated version (0.1.2) with some minor fixes.


  • Fixed a bug with character encoding and encrypting. Not really sure of what happens when people on the other side send you encrypted message in a different charset though – bottomline is: if you don’t want mojibake, don’t use funky characters. Maybe eventually character encoding will be a configurable setting.
  • Added automated line-breaking when sending an unencrypted signed message. This is because buggy webmails tend to break long lines themselves, corrupting the signature in the process. Once again, this should become a configurable thing in the end.
  • Bumped version number a little, too many leading zeros was a bit hard to follow 😉
  • Added a comment line about VisualGPG in the PGP block.

The download link remains the same: VisualGPG-latest (0.1.2)

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  1. patheticcockroach says

    Just found out there seems to be a “charset” field that can be put just like Version: and Comment:. Will try to work on it, “some time”.

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