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Lists of Tor nodes

Having a list of Tor nodes can always be a useful resource for spam-fighting, even though unfortunately most of those lists most often don’t make the difference between nodes which are just a relay and nodes which are also exit points.

So, here are a few listings that seems to be regularly updated (as of today, at least):

Note however that it seems pretty much impossible to perform a DDoS attack from the Tor network (limitation #1 being it doesn’t really have that much bandwidth available), so there’s no reason to be a jackass like Daniel Austin MBCS and ban all traffic from Tor nodes. Particularly, blocking traffic from non-exit nodes altogether is seriously retarded. Purely banning all traffic from Tor also means you’d simply play along SOPA and alike. You might want instead to maybe just make the spam filter harsher, or systematically manual, on contents coming from Tor.
Well, anyway, you got the list now act smart with it. 😉

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