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aToaD #2: Ditto clipboard manager

Clipboard improvement. Keeps clipboard history.

This is going to be a brief one, because although this piece of software is potentially very useful (and with tons of complicated settings which I didn’t even bother to read – I’m sure you’ll understand once you open the option panel ;)), for the moment I only have a basic, simple usage of it and I don’t know its advanced functions. Basically, Ditto monitors your clipboard and can keep a history of everything that goes through it. Big fat red warning here: as you can guess, this can easily lead to embarrassing data leakages (like, your passwords if you do copy/paste them with a tool like KeePass). But if you have ever accidentally overwritten and lost something you were temporarily keeping in your clipboard (which most likely has already occured to anyone doing 2 things at the same time on a same computer), you’ve already found the interest in this tool: this won’t happen ever again, since you can now keep everything you copy.

As usual in security, you’ll just need to find the right balance between accessibility and confidentiality: configure the maximum amount and age of kept entries to best fit your needs. For instance, I just use it for protection against accidental clipboard overwrites, so keeping the last 20 entries for at most 24h is more than enough for me. And of course I use my firewall to prevent Ditto from connecting to internet.

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