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aToaD #8: SuperPutty

Remote console, wrapper for PuTTY.

This tool is quite raw and simple, at least the way I use it. SupperPutty‘s main function is to let you run several PuTTY consoles from a single window with tabs. Or to put it another way, it saves space on the taskbar.
Another nice feature is its ability to remember the state in which it was when you last close it, so it restores all opened sessions on startup (you need to log in again in each of them, of course). That is, when it works, because quite often it forgets the previous session (I think this occurs mainly when you don’t close it properly – for instance if you shut Windows down without closing SuperPutty first).

Well, that’s all there is to say, I think. I’m not very sure how good it is at managing a list of sessions, what I do is I keep managing my sessions from PuTTY, and when needed I import them into SuperPutty (since this will create duplicates, I first remove all sessions from SuperPutty, then import all from PuTTY).

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