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Getting started on debugging an Android app on Samsung Galaxy devices

I used that on a Galaxy S3, but probably this works with a lot more Galaxy devices. Also the first step is common to any Android device I think (at least where Android is recent enough).

Step 1: enable developer tools on your Android device:
Go to settings → More → About device (on the Galaxy S3, that’s at the bottom of the System subsection)
Tap 7 times on the build number (on the Galaxy S3, again that’s at the bottom of the section)
You should get a message that developer tools are now unlocked

Step 2: enable debugging:
After the previous step, go back to the menu screen where you previously found “About device”. You should have a new menu item (just above “About device” on a GS3) called “Developer option”.
Go there and enable USB debugging

Step 3: install Samsung USB drivers on your computer:
Grab the Samsung Android USB Driver for Windows there (or you can also use my mirror) and install them. That should work without a restart provided you didn’t have ADB running while performing the installation.

Now you’re ready to plug your GS3 and get compiling 😉


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