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My Cinebench R15 bench results

For some reason I’m always a bit wary of the benchmark results I find here and there on Internet, so I thought I’d make sure I store mine in an easy to find place. I.e., as usual, here ^^
Usual reminder: benchmarks are a way to very quickly compare various hardware in a standardized fashion, however they are not as relevant as real-life applications. Just to give an example, between the 3rd and 4th generation, Intel CPUs got a new instruction set (AVX2), which brings large improvement speed to some algorithms, such as x265 encoding. This isn’t reflected in this benchmark.

Intel i7-6700K (quad core, 4.0 GHz) + GeForce GTX 1060 (mobile). Factory voltage and clock for both.

  • CPU (multithread): 873
  • CPU (single core): 177
  • OpenGL: 145.19 FPS

Intel i5-6500 (quad core, 3.2 GHz). Factory clock, no discrete GPU. 130 mV undervolt, but it shouldn’t impact performance.

  • CPU (multithread): 542
  • CPU (single core): 140
  • OpenGL: 36.49 FPS

Intel i7-3632QM (quad core, 2.2 GHz) + AMD Radeon HD 7970M. Factory voltage and clock for both, except that I ran the OpenGL benchmark both in “performance” mode (= normal clock) and energy-saving mode (= the clock is about half slower). The computer is a Schenker XMG P702.

  • CPU (multithread): 508
  • CPU (single core): 102
  • OpenGL: 57.94 FPS
  • OpenGL (“maximize battery life” setting in Catalyst): ~43 FPS

On a side note, the reference benchmarks (bundled in Cinebench) for CPU single core indicate 101 for the i7-3840QM (which is 2.8 GHz) and 122 for the i7-3720QM (which is 2.6 GHz). Doesn’t sound very logical and supports my mistrust in published benchmarks.

AMD A6-3500 (tri core, 2.1 GHz). Factory voltage and clock, no discrete GPU.

  • CPU (multithread): 166
  • CPU (single core): 61
  • OpenGL: 19.65 FPS

AMD Phenom II N930 (quad core, 2.0 GHz) + AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5650. Factory voltage and clock.

  • CPU (multithread): 188
  • CPU (single core): 49
  • OpenGL: 14.15 FPS

Posted in hardware, Schenker XMG P702.

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