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How to get rid of Intel(R) System Usage Report

This executable, who also apparently goes by the nickname of “Energy Server Service WILLAMETTE” or SystemUsageReportSvc_WILLAMETTE (located, by default, in C:\Program Files\Intel\SUR\WILLAMETTE\ESRV), is installed along with the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility. And it appears that you cannot prevent its installation when you install that update utility.
The problem is, it will keep running in the background, and try to send mysterious data to who knows who (Intel, I guess). That’s actually how I caught it: it popped up a firewall alert. Some people also reported CPU usage issues, with the executable (esrv_svc.exe) eating up a whole CPU core.
You can try to disable it in your Services configuration, however in my case it still kept running after I disabled its service! So the only option left for me was to uninstall the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility, which isn’t much useful once you’ve figured out precisely which drivers you need anyway.

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  1. Elad Karako says

    The “Intel System Usage Report Service” or more accurately:
    Intel(R) System Usage Report Service SystemUsageReportSvc_QUEENCREEK
    from: “C:\Program Files\Intel\SUR\QUEENCREEK\SurSvc.exe”
    is a service you can stop and switch to “disabled”.

    Start, Run (or [Win]+[R]),

    look for the name above,
    right click, “stop”,
    choose properties and disable.

    you can always bring it back to “automatic” (no need to start it yourself)

  2. daveb says

    Thank you – I’ve been trying for a week to fix a esvr.exe error (0xc000012). This solution fixed it.

  3. daveb says

    I’m dyslexic I guess.
    esrv.exe error 0xc0000142

  4. Mow Serrano says

    Great fix. Worked like a charm, my computer was hair-dryer for a while and I was not using it. I looked for the running programs and noticed this fucker was using almost 20% CPU. I disabled as told by Elad and it instantly stopped spinning. Thanks!!

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