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Blackjack In Space score cheat

A bit off-topic I guess, although this notepad doesn’t have a very targeted topic aside from “computer stuff” (and a bit of stats, and a bit of health).

Blackjack In Space is this game and I found it has an interesting/unusual way of storing its score. The score is stored in the registry, in value HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\JDRumble\Blackjack In Space\BlackjackBalance_h[some_number] (I suspect some_number is unique so I edited it out), which regedit identifies as an “invalid DWORD (32-bit) value”.

I didn’t search much, but I didn’t find an obvious way to compute the stored value from the actual score value. Instead, I played a few hands and noted the correspondence between score and stored value, here they are:
(format: [score] = [regedit value])
100 = 5940
200 = 6940
400 = 7940
800 = 8940
1600 = 9940
3200 = A940
6400 = B940
16000 = 40CF40

Feel free to post in the comments if you find how this is encoded, I’d be curious to know ^^

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