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AdBard ads online here

About a year ago, we added AbBard ads to Wiki4Games. By that time, they didn’t allow displaying ads from other networks, so we kept Adsense everywhere else in order to reach the cash-out threshold before moving everything to AdBard. At some point AdBard allowed back other networks so we added Adsense back to speed up the process, but we forgot to spread AdBard across the rest of our websites. This is now done for this notepad. So we now run AdBard and Adsense. The plan, yet, is still to remove Adsense as soon as we’ve been able to cash out there, leaving only AdBard plus some selected affiliate links like Everest (I’m not really happy with the junk we see in Adsense right now, like or
For those who don’t know it yet, the great thing about AdBard is that they focus on “FLOSS” (free/libre/open source software). Not only for their advertisers, but also for publishers. So you’ll only see ads for open source stuff there, and you’ll only see those ads on websites somewhat related to FLOSS too (for instance here, we sure talk about Windows and – more recently – Dr Who, but we also have quite a lot of stuff about MediaWiki, Linux, Firefox, etc). So, finally “ethical” advertising. Don’t forget to add en exception to your AdBlock Plus for us 😉

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