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Category Archives: cryptography

  1. Bitcoin and the blockchain for dummies February 4, 2024

    Posted in cryptography.

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  2. How to compile and install DNScrypt (dnscrypt-proxy) on OpenSUSE March 15, 2014

    Posted in cryptography, Internet, Linux, privacy.

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  3. PyCrypto binaries and how to compile (on Windows) February 5, 2014

    Posted in cryptography, programming.

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  4. How to specify signature level in OpenPGP / GnuPG May 5, 2013

    Posted in cryptography, GnuPG & co.

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  5. Installing Freenet on Debian server (command line) July 27, 2012

    Posted in cryptography, privacy, servers.

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  6. How to check with PHP if the page is being served over HTTPS March 26, 2012

    Posted in cryptography, web development.

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  7. How to create and install an Apache SSL certificate (either self-signed or not) March 25, 2012

    Posted in cryptography, Linux, security, servers.

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  8. How to batch compute md5 (or sha1, sha256, tiger, whirlpool) hashes of all files in a folder March 2, 2012

    Posted in cryptography.

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  9. Installing Freenet on Ubuntu server (command line) December 25, 2011

    Posted in cryptography, privacy, servers.

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  10. Installing and controlling a Tor relay on Linux via command line only December 24, 2011

    Posted in cryptography, privacy, servers, Tor.

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  11. How to “decrypt” DLC files November 29, 2009

    Posted in cryptography.

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