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Category Archives: web filtering

  1. Avoiding “$f2bV_matches” in fail2ban reports to AbuseIPDB March 1, 2024

    Posted in servers, web filtering.

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  2. “Bannasties” July 28, 2018

    Posted in privacy, web filtering.

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  3. Internet companies violating net neutrality August 29, 2017

    Posted in web filtering.

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  4. Spamhaus strikes again (with the CBL, as usual) April 13, 2014

    Posted in web filtering.

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  5. Hotmail/ incoming mail servers are lying b****** December 6, 2013

    Posted in Microsoft, web filtering.

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  6. Configuring a self-restoring reverse SSH tunnel October 28, 2013

    Posted in Linux, web filtering.

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  7. A funny htaccess file May 10, 2012

    Posted in funnies, Totally pointless, web filtering.

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  8. Oops, the FBI stole my files! January 20, 2012

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, site news, Totally pointless, web filtering.

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  9. Banning an IP in WordPress September 13, 2011

    Posted in web development, web filtering.

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  10. Digging a tunnel to freedom: symmetrical SSH tunnel, finally! July 26, 2011

    Posted in web filtering.

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  11. Tips to freedom on a restricted computer environment November 18, 2009

    Posted in privacy, web filtering.

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  12. Google Adwords: not really honest… June 18, 2009

    Posted in Google, web filtering.

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  13. Assault spurs school YouTube ban March 3, 2007

    Posted in web filtering.

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