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Spamhaus strikes again (with the CBL, as usual)

Just a very short post to explain why I haven’t been approving new comments for the last 10 days. On April 2, the geniuses from Spamhaus pretended they detected a “Trojan called Win32/Zbot (Microsoft)” on the server. That’s funny, because it damned looks like a Windows-specific Trojan yet this server is definitely running Linux. Even though this first detection was also the last, the server’s IP wasn’t removed from the infamous retarded CBL list (Composite Blocking List), which admittedly doesn’t work based on actual spam sent but on “suspicious” behavior. Or if you’re into movies, this would be like the Minority Report list.

My current e-mail provider, Fastmail, which provides great features BUT has a much more retarded anti-spam arsenal than Gmail or Outlook, simply silently discarded all e-mails because of that bogus listing. And voilĂ , this is how I didn’t receive the notifications… Say thank you to the web-nazis from Spamhaus and their blind worshipers at Fastmail…

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