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Category Archives: Internet

  1. Avoiding “$f2bV_matches” in fail2ban reports to AbuseIPDB March 1, 2024

    Posted in servers, web filtering.

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  2. Setting up an OpenVPN server on Linux: notes and comments December 30, 2023

    Posted in Internet, servers.

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  3. How to set up an OpenVPN server on Linux December 24, 2023

    Posted in Internet, privacy, servers.

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  4. aToad #33: OneClickFirewall & simplewall May 21, 2023

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Internet.

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  5. SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module (NodeJS / TypeScript) August 12, 2021

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, web development.

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  6. Github got a dark mode, yay :) December 12, 2020

    Posted in Internet, programming.

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  7. Migrating from request to got (part 2) March 10, 2020

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, programming, web development.

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  8. Migrating from tslint to eslint and from request to got (part 1) March 9, 2020

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, programming, web development.

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  9. Using DNSCrypt or DoH (or both) on Windows September 29, 2019

    Posted in Internet, software, Windows.

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  10. A guide to shitty web designs (please don’t do this) September 24, 2019

    Posted in web development.

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  11. Buffing your Apache HTTPS configuration March 4, 2019

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  12. How to export a whole DynamoDB table (to S3) October 19, 2018

    Posted in web development.

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  13. How DynamoDB counts read and write capacity units October 5, 2018

    Posted in web development.

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  14. Fixing letsencrypt’s “expected xxx.pem to be a symlink” September 25, 2018

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  15. “Bannasties” July 28, 2018

    Posted in privacy, web filtering.

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  16. How to remove the Twitch Prime loot notifications July 8, 2018

    Posted in Internet.

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  17. I upgraded to Firefox 57, and it wasn’t so horrible after all December 15, 2017

    Posted in Firefox, Internet.

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  18. Internet companies violating net neutrality August 29, 2017

    Posted in web filtering.

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  19. Please stop confusing deep web, dark web and dark net April 7, 2017

    Posted in Internet, privacy.

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  20. Emojis in a MySQL database February 12, 2017

    Posted in web development.

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  21. How to configure Fiddler to gateway to a SOCKS proxy September 10, 2016

    Posted in programming, web development.

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  22. Solving a compilation problem that may occur in Eclipse with TypeScript/Angular projects July 8, 2016

    Posted in Eclipse, programming, web development.

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  23. Going HTTPS (finally) with Let’s Encrypt April 10, 2016

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  24. How to reorient a picture with EXIF data using PHP GD March 24, 2016

    Posted in PHP, programming, web development.

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  25. aToaD #16: WebODF October 28, 2015

    Posted in A Tool A Day, LibreOffice & OpenOffice, web development.

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