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  1. aToad #31: pdfescape, pdf2png, ilovepdf October 31, 2022

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Adobe.

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  2. Windows duplicates (and keeps) your installers (and NVIDIA does it too) October 11, 2017

    Posted in nVidia, Windows, Windows 10.

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  3. Tools to download APKs from Google Play Store February 24, 2015

    Posted in Cyanogenmod, Google, software.

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  4. Publishing a Titanium application to the Apple App Store November 5, 2014

    Posted in Apple, programming.

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  5. How to remove an e-mail from auto-type in Gmail April 21, 2014

    Posted in Google.

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  6. Hotmail/ incoming mail servers are lying b****** December 6, 2013

    Posted in Microsoft, web filtering.

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  7. How to get rid of Microsoft Office Upload Center (Office 2010 & 2013) June 10, 2013

    Posted in Microsoft, software.

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  8. Fixing a Catalyst OpenCL mayhem (Catalyst 13.1 / 13.3b2) April 1, 2013

    Posted in AMD, drivers, graphic cards, Schenker XMG P702.

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  9. How to block ads in MSIE 8 (works at work too ;)) January 7, 2013

    Posted in Internet, Microsoft, privacy.

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  10. Wow. There IS ad blocking in MSIE. And it works good. May 1, 2012

    Posted in Internet, Microsoft.

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  11. Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: a no waffle comparison March 24, 2012

    Posted in Google, Yahoo.

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  12. Firefox wants its default awesome Google back? March 23, 2012

    Posted in Firefox, Google.

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  13. Scroogle seems to be in trouble, here are some alternatives February 19, 2012

    Posted in Google, privacy.

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  14. IP ranges of Wikipedia and Google February 16, 2012

    Posted in Google, Internet, published drafts.

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  15. Think you can’t live without Google? February 9, 2012

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Google, Internet, privacy.

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  16. Yahoo Mail seems down February 7, 2012

    Posted in Yahoo.

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  17. Fixing non-working Catalyst Control Center administrative part in Kubuntu October 23, 2011

    Posted in AMD, Linux.

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  18. Adobe Reader offline installer October 12, 2011

    Posted in Adobe.

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  19. Want to get a Google+ invite? I’ve got lots of them :) August 9, 2011

    Posted in Google.

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  20. How to add Google Adsense code to Gallery 3 July 12, 2011

    Posted in Google, web development.

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  21. Overclocking the Mobility Radeon HD 5650 June 19, 2011

    Posted in Acer Aspire 5553G, AMD, hardware.

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  22. A Scroogle search box example code February 26, 2011

    Posted in Google, privacy, web development.

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  23. Gmail’s custom ‘From’ address: all ur ID R belong to us February 8, 2011

    Posted in Google, privacy, Yahoo.

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  24. An archive of AMD Mobility Catalyst Windows 7 x64 drivers January 19, 2011

    Posted in Acer Aspire 5553G, AMD, drivers, graphic cards, Schenker XMG P702.

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  25. How to use lasso selection in MS Office 2010 October 27, 2010

    Posted in funnies, Microsoft.

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