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Category Archives: Linux

  1. Unbanning an IP from fail2ban October 3, 2022

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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  2. Linux commands to find the number of CPU cores September 14, 2021

    Posted in Linux, published drafts.

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  3. How to enable SSH (+/- root) password login July 11, 2021

    Posted in Linux.

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  4. Linux script to automatically shutdown when load average is low July 16, 2019

    Posted in Linux.

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  5. Upgrading Ubuntu Server from a LTS to the next (non-LTS) version March 28, 2019

    Posted in Linux.

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  6. A Freenet disk space mystery July 1, 2018

    Posted in Linux, software.

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  7. Linux Bash scripting: multi-line command and iterating over an array April 23, 2018

    Posted in Linux.

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  8. How to hide processes from other users in Linux’s “top” February 27, 2018

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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  9. Configuring the Grub2 boot loader November 29, 2017

    Posted in Linux.

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  10. Manually reassigning bad blocks on Linux October 21, 2016

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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  11. Tools to download APKs from Google Play Store February 24, 2015

    Posted in Cyanogenmod, Google, software.

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  12. How to avoid landing (too much) in spam folder when using Postfix: customize your hostname June 11, 2014

    Posted in Linux, postfix, servers.

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  13. How to compile and install DNScrypt (dnscrypt-proxy) on OpenSUSE March 15, 2014

    Posted in cryptography, Internet, Linux, privacy.

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  14. Where to find VLC nightly APKs for android January 15, 2014

    Posted in Cyanogenmod, multimedia, VLC.

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  15. Tips to fixing a broken RAID 1 December 20, 2013

    Posted in hardware, Linux, servers.

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  16. Solving system error -3009 when formatting hard drive (Yast, OpenSUSE) November 26, 2013

    Posted in hardware, Linux.

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  17. Configuring a self-restoring reverse SSH tunnel October 28, 2013

    Posted in Linux, web filtering.

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  18. How to duplicate a complete folder with subfolders over SSH using command line only (SCP) October 10, 2013

    Posted in FTP, Linux, servers.

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  19. Solving “locale: Cannot set XXX to default locale: No such file or directory” in Debian 7 September 24, 2013

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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  20. Full guide to install CyanogenMod 10.1.2 on LG Optimus G (part 2) September 16, 2013

    Posted in Cyanogenmod, LG Optimus G E975.

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  21. Some hard drive management tips and tools (on Linux) September 4, 2013

    Posted in Linux.

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  22. How to install Tor on OpenSUSE compiling it yourself August 30, 2013

    Posted in Linux, Tor.

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  23. Where to download official Firefox APKs? August 10, 2013

    Posted in Cyanogenmod.

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  24. Full guide to install CyanogenMod 10.1.2 on LG Optimus G (part 1) August 4, 2013

    Posted in Cyanogenmod, LG Optimus G E975.

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  25. A few configuration tips for OpenSSH July 30, 2013

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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