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Category Archives: Firefox

  1. Looks like Mozilla is preparing a new shitty update February 21, 2022

    Posted in Firefox, Totally pointless.

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  2. If you’ve never looked at your local site storage… maybe you should September 12, 2021

    Posted in Firefox.

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  3. Firefox Armag-addon fix script October 17, 2019

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  4. Hardening Tor Browser (or Firefox) a bit more September 9, 2018

    Posted in Firefox, privacy, security, Tor.

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  5. I upgraded to Firefox 57, and it wasn’t so horrible after all December 15, 2017

    Posted in Firefox, Internet.

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  6. Various old Greasemonkey scripts September 30, 2017

    Posted in Firefox, Greasemonkey scripts.

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  7. And this is how I switched back from Vivaldi to Firefox May 26, 2017

    Posted in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Firefox.

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  8. How to run multiple independent Firefox sessions simultaneously April 28, 2017

    Posted in Firefox.

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  9. How to disable Vivaldi’s disk cache November 25, 2016

    Posted in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Firefox.

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  10. How to browse and edit saved form data in Firefox September 9, 2016

    Posted in Firefox.

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  11. Tweaking referer settings in Firefox (and Tor Browser) July 27, 2016

    Posted in Firefox, privacy.

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  12. How to disable GZIP compression in Firefox September 14, 2014

    Posted in Firefox, web development.

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  13. A tool a day (aToaD): introduction & Palemoon April 2, 2013

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Firefox.

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  14. Performance trouble with Firefox? Check your add-ons! June 13, 2012

    Posted in Firefox.

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  15. Firefox 12 available already April 23, 2012

    Posted in Firefox.

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  16. Firefox wants its default awesome Google back? March 23, 2012

    Posted in Firefox, Google.

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  17. A few ad-killing Greasemonkey scripts March 19, 2012

    Posted in Firefox, Greasemonkey scripts, Internet.

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  18. How to make Duckduckgo the default address bar search engine in Firefox, Opera and Iron February 20, 2012

    Posted in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Firefox, Opera, privacy.

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  19. Some must-have Firefox hidden settings January 24, 2012

    Posted in Firefox.

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  20. How to write a successful Firefox extension September 17, 2011

    Posted in Firefox, Totally pointless.

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  21. Flash 11 release candidate for portable browsers September 8, 2011

    Posted in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Firefox, Flash, Opera.

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  22. Tab dragging broken in Firefox 8+? September 4, 2011

    Posted in Firefox.

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  23. Restoring the history drop-down menu near the back button in Firefox and Opera August 26, 2011

    Posted in Firefox, Opera.

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  24. extensions.checkCompatibility: they did it AGAIN August 17, 2011

    Posted in Firefox.

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  25. Mozilla’s “faster” add-on review process May 24, 2011

    Posted in Firefox.

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