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Category Archives: security

  1. Removing EasyAntiCheat on Windows August 30, 2019

    Posted in privacy, security, software.

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  2. Renewing the Thecus N7510’s TLS certificate March 14, 2019

    Posted in FTP, security, servers.

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  3. Buffing your Apache HTTPS configuration March 4, 2019

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  4. Fixing letsencrypt’s “expected xxx.pem to be a symlink” September 25, 2018

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  5. Hardening Tor Browser (or Firefox) a bit more September 9, 2018

    Posted in Firefox, privacy, security, Tor.

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  6. How to make Tor Browser remember permission settings across sessions March 5, 2017

    Posted in privacy, security, Tor.

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  7. Going HTTPS (finally) with Let’s Encrypt April 10, 2016

    Posted in security, servers, web development.

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  8. aToaD #12: KeePass and KeePassX August 20, 2014

    Posted in A Tool A Day, security.

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  9. Fault tree analysis of the September 19 downtime October 7, 2013

    Posted in security, servers.

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  10. Looks like Facebook doesn’t perform idiot checks… August 19, 2013

    Posted in security, web development.

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  11. Wuala vs SpiderOak (vs Dropbox): a (somewhat) long-time user comparison January 25, 2013

    Posted in privacy, security, software.

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  12. Moving from Wuala to SpiderOak July 29, 2012

    Posted in privacy, security.

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  13. A quick iptables mini-guide April 2, 2012

    Posted in Linux, security, servers.

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  14. How to create and install an Apache SSL certificate (either self-signed or not) March 25, 2012

    Posted in cryptography, Linux, security, servers.

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  15. Securing a XAMPP installation (for local, single-PC use) in 2 steps… January 8, 2012

    Posted in MySQL, security, web development.

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  16. Lists of Tor nodes December 23, 2011

    Posted in privacy, security, Tor, web development.

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  17. Sygate Personal Firewall February 19, 2011

    Posted in security, software, Windows.

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  18. Installing and running Wuala in Linux using only command line December 25, 2010

    Posted in privacy, security.

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  19. #o£¥ $#!t, AVG is the $#!t! June 18, 2010

    Posted in security, software.

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  20. Trojan.Win32.Buzus.emdx June 17, 2010

    Posted in security.

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  21. More tips to freedom on a restricted computer environment May 7, 2010

    Posted in privacy, security.

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  22. Lost your admin password in LimeSurvey? January 22, 2009

    Posted in security, web development.

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  23. Boeing fires employee whose laptop was stolen December 18, 2006

    Posted in funnies, security.

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  24. 1 in 3 people write down computer passwords October 19, 2006

    Posted in security.

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  25. Opera 9.1 will include fraud protection October 18, 2006

    Posted in Opera, security.

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