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  1. Hotmail/ incoming mail servers are lying b****** December 6, 2013

    Posted in Microsoft, web filtering.

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  2. How to get rid of Microsoft Office Upload Center (Office 2010 & 2013) June 10, 2013

    Posted in Microsoft, software.

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  3. How to block ads in MSIE 8 (works at work too ;)) January 7, 2013

    Posted in Internet, Microsoft, privacy.

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  4. Wow. There IS ad blocking in MSIE. And it works good. May 1, 2012

    Posted in Internet, Microsoft.

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  5. How to use lasso selection in MS Office 2010 October 27, 2010

    Posted in funnies, Microsoft.

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  6. Preventing MS Office from hiding your menu items November 8, 2009

    Posted in Microsoft.

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  7. Don’t use Hotmail, it’s a trap! March 24, 2009

    Posted in Microsoft.

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  8. Does issuing passports make Microsoft a country? April 20, 2007

    Posted in Microsoft, privacy.

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  9. The 5 sins of Vista January 22, 2007

    Posted in Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  10. Despite 100 Million IE 7 Installs, Microsoft’s Browser Still Loses Ground January 17, 2007

    Posted in Firefox, Microsoft, open source, Opera, web development.

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  11. Windows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going. January 14, 2007

    Posted in Microsoft.

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  12. Analysis of Microsoft’s Suicide Note (part 1) January 12, 2007

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  13. FSF launches campaign against Microsoft Vista December 16, 2006

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  14. 37signals shows how ridiculous it is to install something in Windows Vista October 29, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, web development, Windows Vista.

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  15. MS Linux and MS Firefox October 29, 2006

    Posted in Firefox, funnies, Linux, Microsoft.

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  16. Is Internet Explorer 7 spying on me ? October 22, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, privacy.

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  17. Microsoft now decides to accept outside security for Vista October 15, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, security, Windows Vista.

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  18. Microsoft to release an open-only OpenDocument Format filter for Word October 14, 2006

    Posted in LibreOffice & OpenOffice, Microsoft.

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  19. Blue Screen of Death – top 10 images October 13, 2006

    Posted in funnies, Linux, Microsoft, Windows.

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  20. Browser numbers released, IE still losing ground October 11, 2006

    Posted in Firefox, Microsoft.

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  21. Microsoft helped company finance legal battle over Linux, investor says October 11, 2006

    Posted in lawsuits, Linux, Microsoft, open source.

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  22. Windows Vista RC2 available to everyone October 7, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  23. The Firefox development team returns from Redmond October 6, 2006

    Posted in Firefox, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  24. Running .Net applications on Linux with Mono October 4, 2006

    Posted in Linux, Microsoft, open source.

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  25. Vista’s ‘virgin stack’ to speed up your torrents October 4, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, P2P, security, Windows Vista.

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