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Category Archives: privacy

  1. Pale Moon’s developers’ strange conception of privacy December 27, 2023

    Posted in privacy, Totally pointless.

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  2. How to set up an OpenVPN server on Linux December 24, 2023

    Posted in Internet, privacy, servers.

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  3. TIL WebRTC fully bypasses SOCKS proxies May 12, 2020

    Posted in privacy.

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  4. Removing EasyAntiCheat on Windows August 30, 2019

    Posted in privacy, security, software.

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  5. Hardening Tor Browser (or Firefox) a bit more September 9, 2018

    Posted in Firefox, privacy, security, Tor.

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  6. Why surveillance is not OK August 12, 2018

    Posted in privacy.

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  7. “Bannasties” July 28, 2018

    Posted in privacy, web filtering.

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  8. We won’t have a decentralized Internet, and it’s your fault July 4, 2018

    Posted in privacy.

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  9. Generating a large (>8kb) key with GnuPG 2.x June 3, 2018

    Posted in privacy, programming.

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  10. Please stop confusing deep web, dark web and dark net April 7, 2017

    Posted in Internet, privacy.

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  11. How to block base64 images with uBlock (and other things) March 29, 2017

    Posted in privacy.

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  12. How to make Tor Browser remember permission settings across sessions March 5, 2017

    Posted in privacy, security, Tor.

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  13. Tweaking referer settings in Firefox (and Tor Browser) July 27, 2016

    Posted in Firefox, privacy.

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  14. Bloquer les pubs sur OVS le retour – DEFCON 1 May 1, 2015

    Posted in privacy, programming.

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  15. Comment bloquer les pubs sur OVS… November 26, 2014

    Posted in Greasemonkey scripts, privacy, programming.

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  16. How to compile and install DNScrypt (dnscrypt-proxy) on OpenSUSE March 15, 2014

    Posted in cryptography, Internet, Linux, privacy.

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  17. The face is the ultimate biometric data February 21, 2014

    Posted in privacy.

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  18. How to communicate securely via Facebook chat (encrypting messages with OTR) June 17, 2013

    Posted in privacy, software.

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  19. Wuala vs SpiderOak (vs Dropbox): a (somewhat) long-time user comparison January 25, 2013

    Posted in privacy, security, software.

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  20. How to block ads in MSIE 8 (works at work too ;)) January 7, 2013

    Posted in Internet, Microsoft, privacy.

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  21. How to defeat (or at least, mitigate) Little Brother Rapportive (and possible copycats) August 10, 2012

    Posted in privacy.

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  22. Moving from Wuala to SpiderOak July 29, 2012

    Posted in privacy, security.

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  23. Installing Freenet on Debian server (command line) July 27, 2012

    Posted in cryptography, privacy, servers.

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  24. Marking your e-mails as private the “proper” way June 19, 2012

    Posted in Internet, privacy.

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  25. How to get instantly banned from Twitter April 15, 2012

    Posted in privacy, social network stuff.

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