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  1. Setting GRUB splash image December 24, 2009

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  2. New beta GeForce drivers for Linux December 23, 2009

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  3. How to fix Yum when it hangs at “Setting up Package Sacks” December 20, 2009

    Posted in Linux.

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  4. Installing NVIDIA graphics drivers on Fedora 12/13 December 19, 2009

    Posted in graphic cards, Linux, nVidia.

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  5. The final solution to NVIDIA’s GeForce 9650M GT drivers problems December 8, 2009

    Posted in Asus M50Vn, graphic cards, nVidia.

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  6. How to update the BIOS on an Asus M50Vn laptop December 6, 2009

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  7. Cleaning out my closet December 5, 2009

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