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  1. Lost your admin password in LimeSurvey? January 22, 2009

    Posted in security, web development.

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  2. Comment policy changed January 21, 2009

    Posted in site news.

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  3. Closing our feedburner RSS feed January 20, 2009

    Posted in Google, privacy, site news.

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  4. Chat with invisible people on Gmail / Google Talk January 19, 2009

    Posted in Google.

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  5. A bit on regular expressions: my .htaccess files January 11, 2009

    Posted in programming, regular expressions, web development.

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  6. Removing “shitware” January 10, 2009

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs.

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  7. Show hidden files with ProFTPD January 8, 2009

    Posted in FTP, Linux, servers.

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  8. Brand new “blog” January 4, 2009

    Posted in site news.

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