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  1. Calculer une clé RIB avec R February 23, 2012

    Posted in in French, R (R-project).

  2. How to change the locale in Linux (using command line) February 21, 2012

    Posted in multimedia.

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  3. How to make Duckduckgo the default address bar search engine in Firefox, Opera and Iron February 20, 2012

    Posted in Chrome/Chromium/Vivaldi, Firefox, Opera, privacy.

  4. Scroogle seems to be in trouble, here are some alternatives February 19, 2012

    Posted in Google, privacy.

  5. IP ranges of Wikipedia and Google February 16, 2012

    Posted in Google, Internet, published drafts.

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  6. R: fitting exponential distribution (or other weird stuff such as sigmoid, etc) February 15, 2012

    Posted in programming, R (R-project).

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  7. So, where is the AJAX-free version of phpMyAdmin? February 14, 2012

    Posted in MySQL, programming.

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  8. How to forward an e-mail address or a whole domain to /dev/null in Postfix February 13, 2012

    Posted in Linux, postfix, servers.

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  9. Think you can’t live without Google? February 9, 2012

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Google, Internet, privacy.

  10. Yahoo Mail seems down February 7, 2012

    Posted in Yahoo.

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  11. How to simply create a catchall e-mail and forward all e-mails to another address in Postfix February 6, 2012

    Posted in Linux, postfix, servers.

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  12. R: working around “error in La.svd Lapack routine ‘dgesdd'” February 3, 2012

    Posted in programming, R (R-project).

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  13. How to safely erase (wipe out) files or folders on Linux February 1, 2012

    Posted in Linux, privacy.

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