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How to remove the Twitch Prime loot notifications

Twitch has this big fat Twitch Prime icon with a crown in their top menu, and very regularly they add some notification in it about some “free” shit that people who pay a hefty subscription fee are entitled to in various boring games. I find that red notification pretty distracting, and the menu item itself is actually useless as I know I’ll never subscribe to this. So here is how to hide it.

Since I already use uBlock Origin, I will make good use of it for a trivial solution:
1) open the uBlock Origin settings (if you don’t have uBlock Origin, obviously start by installing it)
2) go to the “My filters” tab
3) add a line containing:
4) click “Apply changes” (or actually, “Ctrl + S” also works)

Et voilà, when you reload Twitch, the Prime menu item will be gone.

If for some reason you want to get rid of just the red icon (the red number) without removing the whole menu item, in step 3 change your line to: This way you can still easily check out the offers whenever you feel like it, but you won’t get pestered by the notification number every time something new is added.

While we are at it, if like me you only come by very occasionally, you probably noticed that you get a popup with chat rules every-single-time in every-bloody-channel. You can remove that nuisance too, by adding a filter for:

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  1. Tony says

    Thankyou, although I like the free games — its 99% loot rubbish!!

  2. Anthoni says

    Thank you so much! I had blocked it with uBlock Origin’s element picker mode, but the red badge came back about a month ago and I was unable to pick it again.

  3. Garth Gilmore says

    Oh, thank goodness! I had been getting entirely sick of seeing that little red circle, over and over again hawking Sub-needed loot for games I’d never heard of or intended to play. It’s gone. Little booger is GONE! <3 Thank you, good chummer!

    BTW, I had one suggestion to add to your steps to enter the Twitch-pill cancelling string in 'My Filters', specifically for UBlock Origin users who aren't familiar with the process: put an extra step of clicking on 'Open The Dashboard' (the little 'four-slider' icon, top right of the group of four icons) and then the 'My Filters' tab when you've done that. I had to remember the process myself, and I don't think it would be clear where 'My Filters' (the tab, I mean) is to every user UBlock Origin, especially if they're not used to going 'under the hood' like this.

  4. Jason says

    Still works in april 2020

  5. Iain says

    Shame this can’t be done for the app.

  6. Jo says

    Hell yeah brother 👍 I am so sick of amazon’s aggressive greediness as of late. I have Cancel amazon account in general. They really pissed me off with their unblockable ads and those notifications that can’t clear really trigger me.

    • patheticcockroach says

      Yeah it’s insane, they make billions of profits already, but still they do all they can to screw ad blockers…

  7. cognitiveAfflatus says

    still works! this was a lifesaver, thanks a ton!

  8. Kainius says

    Still work, thank god.

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