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  1. Avoiding “$f2bV_matches” in fail2ban reports to AbuseIPDB March 1, 2024

    Posted in servers, web filtering.

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  2. Bitcoin and the blockchain for dummies February 4, 2024

    Posted in cryptography.

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  3. Setting up an OpenVPN server on Linux: notes and comments December 30, 2023

    Posted in Internet, servers.

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  4. Pale Moon’s developers’ strange conception of privacy December 27, 2023

    Posted in privacy, Totally pointless.

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  5. How to set up an OpenVPN server on Linux December 24, 2023

    Posted in Internet, privacy, servers.

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  6. More various drafts again December 12, 2023

    Posted in published drafts.

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  7. aToad #33: OneClickFirewall & simplewall May 21, 2023

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Internet.

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  8. How to permanently disable Windows Defender in Windows 10 21H2 March 6, 2023

    Posted in Windows 10.

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  9. aToad #32: JDiskReport February 26, 2023

    Posted in A Tool A Day.

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  10. How to get rid of Booking’s permanent notification alert February 13, 2023

    Posted in Totally pointless.

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  11. aToad #31: pdfescape, pdf2png, ilovepdf October 31, 2022

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Adobe.

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  12. Unbanning an IP from fail2ban October 3, 2022

    Posted in Linux, servers.

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  13. Looks like Mozilla is preparing a new shitty update February 21, 2022

    Posted in Firefox, Totally pointless.

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  14. FYI, Terraform can waste a lot of space January 3, 2022

    Posted in programming, software.

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  15. If you’re curious about Steam’s hardware survey… November 27, 2021

    Posted in Totally pointless.

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  16. Linux commands to find the number of CPU cores September 14, 2021

    Posted in Linux, published drafts.

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  17. aToad #30: / September 13, 2021

    Posted in A Tool A Day, programming.

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  18. If you’ve never looked at your local site storage… maybe you should September 12, 2021

    Posted in Firefox.

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  19. Cheap virtual number providers to receive SMS (Twilio and alternatives) August 29, 2021

    Posted in Uncategorized.

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  20. How can I disable suggestions when adding a new phone contact? August 16, 2021

    Posted in Uncategorized.

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  21. SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module (NodeJS / TypeScript) August 12, 2021

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, web development.

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  22. How to enable SSH (+/- root) password login July 11, 2021

    Posted in Linux.

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  23. Optimizing the Windows paging file July 2, 2021

    Posted in Windows.

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  24. Disabling Vivaldi auto-update, and a generic list of possible auto-start locations June 10, 2021

    Posted in Windows.

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  25. Comparison of 2 vitamin B supplements June 5, 2021

    Posted in Totally pointless.

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