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  1. Livedrive: a backup disaster story June 1, 2021

    Posted in backups.

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  2. aToad #29: FileSeek May 5, 2021

    Posted in A Tool A Day.

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  3. aToad #28: ReqBin May 3, 2021

    Posted in A Tool A Day.

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  4. SumatraPDF dark mode March 26, 2021

    Posted in Uncategorized.

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  5. vsftpd quick installation cheat sheet March 26, 2021

    Posted in FTP, servers.

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  6. Github got a dark mode, yay :) December 12, 2020

    Posted in Internet, programming.

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  7. TIL WebRTC fully bypasses SOCKS proxies May 12, 2020

    Posted in privacy.

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  8. Migrating from request to got (part 2) March 10, 2020

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, programming, web development.

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  9. Migrating from tslint to eslint and from request to got (part 1) March 9, 2020

    Posted in JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js, programming, web development.

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  10. Linux bash script to update and start multiple MJ12node crawlers February 14, 2020

    Posted in servers, software.

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  11. aToad #27: Advanced REST Client January 10, 2020

    Posted in A Tool A Day.

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  12. aToad #26: WinMerge November 29, 2019

    Posted in A Tool A Day.

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  13. Firefox Armag-addon fix script October 17, 2019

    Posted in Firefox.

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  14. Using DNSCrypt or DoH (or both) on Windows September 29, 2019

    Posted in Internet, software, Windows.

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  15. A guide to shitty web designs (please don’t do this) September 24, 2019

    Posted in web development.

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  16. How to capture Visual Studio Code in OBS Studio September 19, 2019

    Posted in software.

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  17. Removing EasyAntiCheat on Windows August 30, 2019

    Posted in privacy, security, software.

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  18. Killing processes in Windows with a batch script August 29, 2019

    Posted in Windows.

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  19. Linux script to automatically shutdown when load average is low July 16, 2019

    Posted in Linux.

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  20. How to install an old version of a game in Steam June 22, 2019

    Posted in Uncategorized.

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  21. How to catch wild pigs June 7, 2019

    Posted in Uncategorized.

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  22. Cutting off work-related digital distractions at work May 28, 2019

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  23. Using Freenet with OpenJDK (AdoptOpenJDK) on Windows May 18, 2019

    Posted in software, Windows.

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  24. Installing Rust in a custom location on Windows April 21, 2019

    Posted in programming, Windows.

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  25. aToad #25: Rapid Environment Editor April 20, 2019

    Posted in A Tool A Day, Windows.

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