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  1. Facebook’s latest poop January 30, 2012

    Posted in social network stuff.

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  2. Enriching Notepad++’s lang.xml to add better MySQL support January 29, 2012

    Posted in MySQL, programming, Uncategorized, web development.

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  3. A few neat BibTeX tricks January 28, 2012

    Posted in LaTeX.

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  4. Some must-have Firefox hidden settings January 24, 2012

    Posted in Firefox.

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  5. How I used Scroogle to “fix” a computer January 23, 2012

    Posted in funnies, privacy.

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  6. Looking for calligraphic letters in LaTeX? January 22, 2012

    Posted in LaTeX.

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  7. Oops, the FBI stole my files! January 20, 2012

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, site news, Totally pointless, web filtering.

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  8. Another, simpler method to bypass the Wikipedia blackout January 18, 2012

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Internet.

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  9. PhotoBucket edits the pictures you upload… poorly January 12, 2012

    Posted in Internet, Totally pointless.

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  10. Comparing 2 lists in R January 10, 2012

    Posted in R (R-project).

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  11. Securing a XAMPP installation (for local, single-PC use) in 2 steps… January 8, 2012

    Posted in MySQL, security, web development.

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  12. A bad idea in R: using variables named like existing functions January 5, 2012

    Posted in programming, R (R-project).

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  13. How to detect when a visitor is blocking ads January 3, 2012

    Posted in published drafts, web development.

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  14. Did you know OpenStreetMap? January 2, 2012

    Posted in open source.

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