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Another, simpler method to bypass the Wikipedia blackout

If you’re reading this, you most likely know that Wikipedia is blacked-out to protest SOPA. Now that you’re aware of the SOPA issue, maybe you want to get back to work and access the encyclopedia. Luckily for you there seems to be quite a few methods available to bypass the blackout. And here is another one, much simpler IMO: just disable JavaScript. If on Firefox, you can simply use the NoScript extension. Although I couldn’t name them for sure, similar extensions are available for other browsers.

Edit: alright, I do the search for you:
Noscript for Google Chrome / Iron (NB: the page fails to load for me for some reason, but that’s the URL I’m pointed to when searching for it both on Google and on the Chrome web store)
NoScripts for Opera

Edit 2: Meh, Wikipedia itself is actually giving possible solutions. Oops.

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