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Looks like Mozilla is preparing a new shitty update

Among what appears to be okay-ish improvements to the download menu / panel / features / workflow, it seems that they plan to YET FUCKING AGAIN OVERRIDE a user-set preference / change a default behavior even for those who enjoy it and have been happily using it this way for years. People complaining are gently told to fuck off.

Brace yourself, this is coming in the next version, Firefox 98 (nice ridiculous version number btw, thanks Google for setting the trend and thanks ball-less Mozilla for following like a nice little poodle).

Thanks for doing all the same crap Chrome does. Sometimes I wonder why I still bother.
… oh, right, because they haven’t fucked up (yet) their proxy settings (notably SOCKS proxy support)

If I don’t forget to, I’ll probably update this post after release with the steps needed to go back to the previous, NORMAL AND SENSIBLE behavior.

Update (2022-04-03): well I didn’t completely forget to update, I just didn’t find any satisfying way to fix that crap :/ I just manually configured what to do with each file type, one by one (luckily there aren’t that many). What a user-friendly update!

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