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How to get rid of Booking’s permanent notification alert

There’s something very wrong with‘s notification system. They notify you for a lot of useless crap, an you can’t even disable all notifications (talking about the website or in-app notifications here, obviously push notifications can at least be killed at the system or browser level).
In particular, I have a notification about 1 person liking my review more than 1 year ago, and this notification always comes back as soon as I just reload the page. Just to clarify, I’m talking about this little number: notification badge counter always enabled

I find this extremely distracting. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a way to get rid of this notification without getting rid of all of them, but I figured removing them all would be better than nothing. Particularly since important (and truly new) notifications arrive by e-mail and/or push, so not having that red number shouldn’t make you miss anything important.

My (imperfect) solution is then to set up a custom filter for uBlock Origin. In uBlock Origin, go to the settings, then “My Filters”, and add the following filter:
This removes just the little red number, so you can still access the notifications by clicking the bell, only you’re not being constantly nagged about it.

You could also remove the whole bell if you prefer, with this filter:
But that’s a bit overkill IMO, as it will make it impossible to reach the notifications without disabling the filter every time. Considering how worthless this menu item is most of the time, I guess that’s no big deal, but still, as long as it doesn’t have the red number it just doesn’t catch my attention anyway.

Anyhow, special thanks to the idiots in charge of UX/UI at Booking! Smart people working in Big Tech, as usual…

Bonus: earn a bit of space at the top

If like me you don’t care about flights, car rentals and whatever is not hotels, you can get rid of that menu and reclaim a bit of vertical space in that space-wasting UI, with the following filter: > .bui-tab__nav

Note that, as you see, these are pretty long names, so I assume they may change slightly over time. As of 13 February 2023 they work. Maybe I’ll update the post from time to time, or maybe I’ll forget, but uBlock makes it easy to create your own filter anyway: just use the picker from the menu.

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