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Cleaning out my closet

At first I created this notepad to try out Blogspot and to complement MPAM Rebooted. I didn’t really have a need for it, thus it remained almost empty for a while, and to populate it I used it kind of like a Digg bookmark manager… which turned out to be rather terrible in terms of PageRank and such. Then I updated MPAM Rebooted less and less often, to a point where this notepad is actually the most active part of So I thought it’s time for a clean up. I’ll be deleting all old Digg semi-auto posts. This will clean the archives and hopefully help the site in search engines. As I don’t want to lose my bookmarks, I’ll still keep all the links (well, actually, only the ones which look still interesting 3 years later), and I’ll start here:

Nice picture: Google Earth 3D vs reality real link/digg
Windows Media Player new DRM – worse than ever real link/digg project wins in court case on GPL violation by D-Link
Is Dell joking with us? (haha, I remember now, their praise us website ^^) digg
Top 9 Apps To Help You Avoid The CIA real link
Norton unhappy with performace tests, don’t do much better on second chance (aka the ever-lame Norton…)
Worried about the airline losing your luggage? No problem. Just pack a gun.
Colour graphics inventor hauls Dell and Gateway back into court (The Inquirer)
Lime Wire Sues RIAA for Antitrust Violations
Wikipedia tells naked girl to get lost. Epic, but this turned out to be a fake.
Possible specs for nVidia’s G80 leak out link
MPAA campaign makes piracy seem totally badass digg (original link is dead)
Car accident on Google Earth (I guess this was fun by that time…) digg
Top 10 things to do with Google Earth : breaking Microsoft’s dominance digg

This will be enough for today (it’s so boring…)

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