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Restoring the history drop-down menu near the back button in Firefox and Opera

I don’t know which browser started that s*** (if I had to make a bet, I’d say Chrome, as usual for this kind of c***py UI tweaks), but some months ago all browsers history buttons started looking like this:

Back and forward buttons of Firefox, Opera, SRWare Iron (Chrome), and Internet Explorer

This navigation toolbar is becoming more and more useless… Of course, the drop-down history menu is still there, accessible either by holding the left mouse button or by right clicking (I actually found out about this one pretty recently, it’s decently comfortable IMO, but not possible in Opera). Still, I liked to have a dedicated button so I looked for ways to add them back in Opera and Firefox.

In Opera, you can add/remove buttons from the navigation bar by right-clicking on it, then go to Customize => Appearance… => Buttons => Browser and drag and drop the normal back and forward buttons. To remove the buttons with no down arrow (actually, that’s just one button), right-click it, then go to Customize => Remove from toolbar.

In Firefox, you need to use an extension, for instance Backward Forward History Dropdown. Yeah, that’s a one-line solution… not too satisfying, though, the need to add yet one more extension every time they dumbly remove an important feature.

Re-sults! 😉

Back and forward buttons of Firefox, Opera, SRWare Iron (Chrome), and Internet Explorer but this time with the drop-down menu arrow restored in Fx and Opera

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  1. Sonia says

    thank you! I shared your sentiments!

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