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extensions.checkCompatibility: they did it AGAIN

Remember a couple of years ago when some smart-ass decided it would be wise to cripple one of the most useful configuration option (extensions.checkCompatibility) of Firefox? Well, thanks to the new ludicrous versioning scheme (so, at least this joke had one positive impact) they finally acknowledged that yes, after all, this extensions.checkCompatibility.EVERY-SINGLE-FREAKING-VERSION-NUMBER setting isn’t the most convenient. But of course, instead of simplifying it they made it even more confusing, even though this time it’s not too serious as it’s a one-time fix (until they decide to break it again, of course): as of now (actually, as of a few months ago but I hadn’t used the Fx nightlies for a while), to disable version compatibility checking for extensions in the nightlies, you need to set extensions.checkCompatibility.nightly to false. That’s kind of a step in the right direction for me, you’d say. Well, here’s the catch: the usual extensions.checkCompatibility.versionnumber don’t work anymore in nightlies… so this is actually yet another additional setting to do one same thing (removing version checking for extensions for any Fx version). Bah, that’s the spirit of Firefox, hey…
Let’s not forget to mention that they actually managed to create a “bug” with that setting (a pity they fixed it, I thought this was actually a cool feature :D). During this time, Chrome is working on doing some not-as-useless stuff (they’re done with removing every possible things from the URL bar so they can’t possibly be doing more useless things now), no wonder they’re taking the lead in the market share race.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I love the way you put the sarcasm into your article xD

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