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Flash 11 release candidate for portable browsers

Update: Flash 11 final is now available, with 64 bits support. Grab it there!
Update 2: all links on this page are dead anyway (MU taken down, Filesonic chickened out). Check out the Flash category for the latest version with non-broken links.

Adobe published a few days ago the first release candidate of Flash 11 in their labs. Amongst the key new features of this version we find the Stage 3D API (3D GPU acceleration), support for a new audio codec G.711 as well as the JPEG-XR image compression format. Also, a 64 bits version of the plugin is available, too.
This RC1 is labelled (you may also see 11.0.r1.129), and here is the portable version of the 32 bits version (I don’t think there are any portable browsers in 64 bits at the moment, except for the latest Fx nightly, but I don’t think many people use a 64 bits nightly as their portable browser…). Edit: mkay, I forgot about Palemoon, I wasn’t exactly counting such rare forks indeed. So here’s the 64 bits portable Flash (NPSWF64_11_0_1.dll) (edit: dead link).

As usual, to install this Flash portable, unpack it into the plugin folder for your browser, which is FYI:

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins
  • Opera USB: program/plugins
  • Iron or Chrome Portable: Iron/plugins

Here is the zip containing NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt (edit: dead link). It’s hosted on filesonic, but below you’ll also find a link to a megaupload mirror. Note that the files hosted on FileSonic vanish after 30 days without a download, so usually only the latest versions (latest stable + latest preview if newer than stable) remain online there. So for older versions you’ll want to grab the Megaupload link.

Want the stable thing instead? Here it is, as I’m writing it’s Flash 10.3.

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  1. fusen says

    thanks for doing this, it’s appreciated

  2. Glitch says

    Yeah, thanx for making this easy!

  3. H says

    There are portable x64 browsers available:

    Pale Moon 7.0 32-64 bit

    I can’t find NPSWF64*.dll anywhere…

  4. patheticcockroach says

    Yeah, I’m aware of Palemoon, I’ve used it for a few months before going back to Fx nightlies and they already had 64 bits builds back then. However, since the interest of getting a 64 bits version of any browser seems pretty limited (I mean, apart from advertising the browser as “roxxor 64 bits ftw!”) and since Adobe haven’t released a stable 64 bits version of Flash yet, I didn’t repack it. I guess I can spend a few minutes on this…

  5. patheticcockroach says

    Lol that’s brilliant, they just released the final version… :s
    Uploading it soon.

  6. Peter says

    MAC OS X 10.8.8 FF Portable (with TOR Bundle) HELP with installing Flash Player Plugin.

    After an extensive search and trial and error I finally had to ask for help. Normally TOR Browser is used for anonymous surfing and installing Flash BREAKS this, HOWEVER, TOR can be configured to use an exit node with a specific country. Fo example: by adding ‘ExitNodes {gb}’ to the torrc file in Vidalia will force it to use and exit node in Great Britain. This will allow me to watch BBC iPlayer videos online. BUT the problem is the FF Portable that comes with TOR Browser Bundle has no flash player plugin. The Adobe Flash Installer from Adobe Downloads will not install the player on FF Portable. I tried all the obvious things like enabling Updates, Plugins, Extensions, copying from another installation. So if anyone has a tried solution, help would be appreciated. There are several sites that detail installing on a windows version but no Mac instructions.

    If I can get flash to work, it means I could have several copies of TorBrowser app:,

    With different exit nodes, say, UK, US etc. This would allow me to watch BBC iPlayer and Hulu from abroad.

    I’ve tried using proxies with a FF, but free working UK proxies are a chore to find. TOR Browser would make it easier to configure each FF portable with it’s own country specific exit node.

    I’m sure this would benefit many people who need to use websites that demand a local IP but are NOT concerned with anonymity.

  7. patheticcockroach says

    Sorry I’m quite clueless when it comes to Macs… If you really can’t find any help on this but did find working stuff for Windows, I guess you could set this up in a virtual machine. But that’s much ado about not much…

    More simply, if you don’t mind about anonymity, you could just configure your non-portable Firefox installation (or any other browser) to use your instance of Tor as a proxy: the Tor browser bundle isn’t much more than this, actually: a normal Firefox configured to use Tor as a proxy (plus additional tweaks such as HTTPS everywhere and disabled add-ons). I haven’t done this in a long while, but once you have Tor running, configuring any browser to use SOCKS v5 proxy should do the trick. I’ve just tried that with *cough* MSIE 6 in an XP virtual box: it worked.

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