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Various old Greasemonkey scripts

With Firefox 57, due in a month and a half (November 14) Mozilla is going to break add-on things again. Big time. As of today, 9 out of the 12 add-ons I’m using are still using the old “legacy” format. Among those, an unknown proportion will probably never be updated and will be lost forever :/ Notably, Cookies Manager+ already stated it would be discontinued. And I’m also worried about Tamper Data, which is an awesome add-on to mess around POST requests and has been working great for the last 7 years without any update, apparently. (if you have some suggestions for _good_ replacements, I’d be glad to hear about them in the comments)

Anyway, Greasemonkey is one of the add-ons that’s going to be updated to follow the new trend, but in order to do so they chose to make some backwards incompatible changes. Meaning some old scripts will stop working. So I had a look at my scripts, and noticed I only have self-made ones, that I don’t really use anymore. I think I’ll just remove GM completely. Before doing so, I wanted to save my scripts… so I’ll just post them here 🙂

I’m not sure any of those still work, because the sites they target have probably evolved, but hopefully they might help someone do stuff. Most of them consist in evading annoying ads they weren’t caught by the usual uBlock, or anti-ad blockers. One was used to hide comments from specific users from some French IT news site. Without further ado, here they are all.

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