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Where to find VLC nightly APKs for android

VLC for Android is not completely ready yet, and the release schedule of betas can seem a bit slow if the latest one suffers from a bug that annoys you. Plus you can only download them from Google Play (which means you need to connect there from your phone, using the Google Play app, with a Google account, unless you want to resort to cool but time-consuming workarounds like APK downloader). So in the end, I decided to switch to nightlies, which, like betas, are usually stable enough, even though you may have to try a few before finding a good one.

I’ve often had issues finding the proper download links, so here you go:
– VLC download server with all latest nightlies: (NB: you can browse around for other OSes, like Windows) In case nightlies got broken and you don’t want to spend time trying many, today’s nightly (VLC-debug-20140115-0113.apk) seems to work just fine.
– Bonus, the Git repository of the VLC port for Android:;a=summary

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