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An archive of AMD Mobility Catalyst Windows 7 x64 drivers

I find AMD/ATI Radeon drivers hardly browsable on their site. I mean, okay the current version can somehow be downloaded (you need to first download a downloader program, then use it to try and grab the current Mobility Catalyst version), but it’s not exactly a smooth process, and the older versions are just nowhere to be found (for the mobility versions, at least – an archive of desktop Catalyst drivers is available from AMD there).
It wouldn’t be a big deal if newer versions worked always good, but the problem is, sometimes a new version breaks a thing or two. And in the case of laptops, this seems to be even more often the case.
So, for those who needs to get an older version, I’ll try to keep a Megaupload MediaFire folder updated with the drivers I used. For the moment it contains:

That’s right, I missed version 10.9. That’s pretty weird too, because that should have been the current drivers just when I got my laptop… Or maybe AMD skipped 10.9, it looks like I downloaded 10.8 in mid-October already.
Anyway, here’s again the link to the whole megaupload folder (FileSonic mirror) MediaFire folder.

Update (2011-01-29): added Catalyst 11.1
Update (2011-02-18): added Catalyst 11.2 + FileSonic mirror
Update (2011-04-02): added Catalyst 11.3
Update (2011-05-10): added Catalyst 11.4 and 11.5
Update (2011-07-02): added Catalyst 11.6
Update (2011-07-28): added Catalyst 11.7
Update (2011-09-03): added Catalyst 11.8 (on FileSonic only because MU uploader is down ATM)
Update (2011-09-08): mirrored Catalyst 11.8 on MU
Update (2011-10-02): added Catalyst 11.9, removed FileSonic mirror because the files there get removed too fast when there’s no downloads.
Update (2011-12-04): added Catalyst 11.10 and 11.11
Update (2011-12-31): added Catalyst 11.12

Update (2012-01-23)

All those files were stolen by the FBI, and I don’t have the resources to host them myself (for more details see this post). So I’m sorry but this archive is discontinued, feel free to thank Obama and the US government
For posterity, here are the former links to the files: (folder) (10.8) (10.10) (10.11) (10.12) (11.1) (11.2) (11.3) (11.4) (11.5) (11.6) (11.7) (11.8) (11.9) (11.10) (11.11) (11.12)

Update (2012-02-12)

Turns out I had a copy of most of them somewhere. Reuploaded them to Mediafire… it took a while because their uploader seems pretty buggy… Here’s the folder. Also added Catalyst 12.1 in the process.

Update (2012-03-08): added Catalyst 12.2, which oddly enough was released only yesterday…
Update (2012-04-13): added Catalyst 12.3
Update (2012-05-09): added Catalyst 12.4
Update (2012-07-28): added Catalyst 12.6. Note that Catalyst 12.5 was never released.

Update (2012-12-10): no more updates (for now)

Well, as you may have noticed, I didn’t post any update here for a while. The reason behind this is that I believe updates ceased being interesting for my HD 5650, which is getting old and forgotten by the driver devs. About that, I noticed that someone seemed disappointed by my not giving more accurate details about the 12.6 chaos: well, I don’t remember the details, but the general idea was they rendered the computer _really_ unusable, something like secondary screen not working and primary screen forced into 640*480 or the like. So yeah, I thought “worked TERRIBLY” pretty much covered it 😉 Anyway, so I stopped updating my drivers hence it wasn’t really worth the time downloading them just to upload them (thank you stupid 2-steps download: first you grab the downloader, then you use it to actually download the driver), all the more so since MediaFire added space quotas (hurray :/).
A note of hope, however, is that I’m planning to get a new laptop some time (Eclipse 4.2 is painfully slow and something new with an SSD would probably help), and of course I’ll make sure I pick one with a Radeon 😉

Update (2013-02-23): updating again

Well, I ended up changing my laptop, and the new one contains a much more recent 7970M, which works with the newest drivers… So I’m upgrading them again, and here is Catalyst for mobility cards, version 13.1.

Update (2014-02-15): reuploaded version 13.9, added version 13.12.

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25 Responses

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  1. Rezon says

    Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve looked all over the internet to get these drivers!

  2. Jim says

    Thanks very much!

  3. Anon says

    Thank god for this! 11.9 broke my ASUS G73JH video card. I needed an older version.

  4. Michal says

    Thank you very much!

  5. Anonymous says

    Catalyst 12.3 no link

  6. patheticcockroach says

    Doesn’t this work? =>

  7. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the hard work. Now if I can solve the strange performance problems A8 graphics when trying to force an AA setting that would be nice. Might have to do with it having desktop drivers installed instead of the mobile copy :x.

  8. patheticcockroach says

    I don’t know much about their APUs… I only have a desktop A6 I believe, for which of course I installed desktop drivers.

  9. gigi says

    thank you so much!!

  10. Anonymous says

    Thanks, mate!

  11. tomas says


  12. bill says

    Very good of you to share with everyone. Thank You Very Much!

  13. Marius says

    Thanks. Very useful.

  14. Will says

    Thanks s lot! for some reason the drivers above 12.4 doesn’t work in this laptop. It have an hybrid GPU (HD 5650 + HD4200).

  15. patheticcockroach says

    Same here, nothing higher than 12.4 would work on my former laptop with a 5650 (and I think I too had a 4200 chipset). I guess the QA team decided not to bother anymore about this mid/low range “ancient” GPU, although it was barely 2-3 years old… They could at least publish the archives of their own drivers, though, if they take decisions like this… And at the very least not send DMCA take-down notices (!!) like they did for one of the packages a while ago.

    • wartexmx says

      impossible i have same ATI and it runs 14.4

      • patheticcockroach says

        Well… Maybe they finally fixed that. 14.4 was released over a year after I posted the above.

  16. Saad says

    I was about to upload them, when i came across your list. Thank you so much for your effort. i just download 13.4 , if you plan on continuing the list here are the links

    13.4 (7/7/2013)

    I always wondered what happens if i skip a few when updating drivers. say i go from 12.3 to 13.4 etc.

    • patheticcockroach says

      It’s not a problem to skip. On my main computer I don’t skip versions very often, but on the others I miss versions regularly. Funny I installed 13.4 almost when it went out but forgot to upload it somehow…

    • patheticcockroach says

      Actually I remember now, MediaFire was broken. I’ve had lots of trouble with their upload form for a while there. 13.4 posted. On

  17. ÆON says

    Thank you so much for hosting. I ve searched the whole internet and finally i find the old drivers i need for my 5730. Thx!!!!!!

    • patheticcockroach says

      You’re welcome, they’re hard to get indeed 🙂

      • ÆON says

        So true.I ve tried the 13.9 after reinstalling windows, but it killed my inegrated display. After booting its stayed black. But with the 12.4 and 13.1 its runs fine. I can´t say thx often enough!!!

  18. Mike says


  19. Dany says

    Thank you so much. God Bless man, good luck to you.

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