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Setting up an OpenVPN server on Linux: notes and comments

A few days ago, I posted a “quick” guide on how to set up an OpenVPN server on a VPS. Despite my efforts to keep it short, it wasn’t that short so I chose to keep my comments to a minimum, and to put the biggest chunk of them in this companion post. If you […]

Internet companies violating net neutrality

If you’ve been following the IT news lately, you should be aware of all the shitstorm that happened around Daily Stormer (DS). Long story short, their registrar GoDaddy kicked them out, and a chain reaction followed where many registrars and hosts kicked them out too. Sure they publish “weird” and mean contents, to say the […]

How to compile and install DNScrypt (dnscrypt-proxy) on OpenSUSE

Update (2018-02-03): DNSCrypt has been discontinued (and their site is already own :/ ). But it seems that this DNSCrypt 2 project will continue development. Also this DNS Privacy Project contains interesting information (not needed to just use DNScrypt, though). DNScrypt is a tool that allows you to send your DNS queries to something else […]