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  1. Epson Perfection 1660 Scanner Driver for Windows 7 64 bits March 29, 2015

    Posted in drivers, Windows Se7en.

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  2. How to enable hibernate mode in Windows 7 March 10, 2015

    Posted in Windows Se7en.

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  3. How save a list of all files in folder + subfolders January 15, 2015

    Posted in Windows.

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  4. How to disable autoplay and autorun in Windows 7 (probably similar on Vista & 8) May 28, 2013

    Posted in Windows.

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  5. Splitting a file under Windows and merging it under headless Linux March 8, 2013

    Posted in Linux, Windows.

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  6. How to hide notification bubbles in Windows XP taskbar (works on Vista too) February 4, 2013

    Posted in Windows.

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  7. How to install an Apache test server on Windows (XAMPP equivalent) March 6, 2012

    Posted in web development, Windows.

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  8. How to hide a program running in the command line December 15, 2011

    Posted in programming, Windows.

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  9. How to avoid reboot after BOINC installation (in Windows) October 2, 2011

    Posted in software, Windows.

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  10. Switching your SATA hard drive from IDE to AHCI August 27, 2011

    Posted in hardware, Linux, Windows.

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  11. Fixing Graphviz’s installation error related to Microsoft.VC80.CRT April 7, 2011

    Posted in Windows.

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  12. Sygate Personal Firewall February 19, 2011

    Posted in security, software, Windows.

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  13. Adding non-pinned shortcuts to Windows 7 Start Menu October 16, 2010

    Posted in Windows Se7en.

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  14. Dealing with WD Advanced Format hard drives on Linux, Windows and Mac OS (part 1) August 6, 2010

    Posted in Apple, hardware, Linux, Windows.

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  15. Some 7-Zip command line examples July 20, 2010

    Posted in programming, Windows.

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  16. A few Windows 7 customization tips April 5, 2010

    Posted in Windows Se7en.

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  17. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() November 15, 2009

    Posted in Linux, servers, Windows.

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  18. What drivers for the GeForce 9650M GT? November 14, 2009

    Posted in Asus M50Vn, graphic cards, Linux, nVidia, Windows.

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  19. Open source IZarc equivalent December 2, 2008

    Posted in Linux, open source, Windows.

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  20. The 5 sins of Vista January 22, 2007

    Posted in Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  21. Analysis of Microsoft’s Suicide Note (part 1) January 12, 2007

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  22. FSF launches campaign against Microsoft Vista December 16, 2006

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Microsoft, Windows Vista.

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  23. How Vista Lets Microsoft Lock Users In December 7, 2006

    Posted in digital rights and DRMs, Windows Vista.

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  24. 37signals shows how ridiculous it is to install something in Windows Vista October 29, 2006

    Posted in Microsoft, web development, Windows Vista.

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  25. Windows XP Flash parody October 22, 2006

    Posted in funnies, Windows.

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