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How to hide a program running in the command line

There can be various reasons for hiding a running command line program: doing some silent maintenance without annoying the casual user, or without risking an accidental closure, running a program in the background – saving space in the taskbar – without the need to install it as a service, etc. However, there’s no trivial “point’n click” way to do so. It is however quite easy to achieve trough a couple of visual basic script (VBS) lines.

Basically, first you create a script shell, then you use it to run your program, and choose to make it non-visible. Here is a first example I found on the techArena forums:
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject ("") "cmd /K CD C:\ & Dir>test.txt", 0, false

(NB for the clueless: create this with a plain text editor and then save with a .vbs extension)

Note that editing this file can be a bit tricky and error-prone, so my suggestion would be to create such a VBS to launch a specific batch (.bat) file, and then to make adjustments (such command line parameters) only in the batch file. That would make a VBS such as:
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject ("") "cmd /K CD C:\Path\to\the\batch\ & batchFile.bat", 0, false

and then put whatever you want in batchFile.bat (again, created with any plain-text editor), such as:
C:\My\Cool\Hidden\program.exe -option1 someValue

That’s pretty much it. Sorry the VBS is a bit obscur to me so I can’t really explain it in details, however this just works great. The only little problem is that the only way I found to stop the background task is via the task manager.

Finally, one other source that could be interesting: How Can I Hide the Command Window When Executing a Command Like net Localgroup Administrators?

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  1. Khayo says

    thank you! worked perfectly!

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