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Three RMA success stories

This draft has been waiting in my backlog for almost 8 years… Apparently I had 3 RMA stories but I only wrote about the first one :s Here it is

Until this year, or more precisely until this summer, I never had the occasion to make a warranty claim for my IT products. The only return I’d made were for items delivered already broken. Like that 1.5 TB WD Caviar Green mispackaged by LDLC and which, with the complicity of La Poste, arrived mechanically broken, delaying the completion of my latest computer. There was also my laptop’s DVD burner which somehow died, but I was a bit reluctant to send back the whole PC (and its data) for such an unimportant thing. I was also afraid it might suffer from some damage during the process or shipment, or be reset or something. So, I started with a small thing…

RMA #1: Corsair 8 GB USB key (part #: CMFUSB2.0-8GB)

Since my DVD burner/reader was dead and I wanted to reinstall Fedora, I had to create a Live-USB Linux. I eventually found “Lili” (Linux Live USB Creator). The problem with this software is that it doesn’t support 64 bit versions very well. I ended up burning the ISO onto the key several times, and (long story made short) at some point the software crashed and killed the key.
Since I’d read some good feedbacks about Corsair’s RMAs, there was no sensitive data on the key and it was totally unusable anyway, I thought I’d give a try to Corsair’s warranty claim. So I went to and quickly found the Technical Support Express (NB: USB keys are under “Flash Memory”). It’s then pretty straightforward. The hardest part for me was to find the date of purchase since I’d lost the ticket, but I eventually managed to remember since it was around Christmas. Anyway, I don’t think they really check that information. A few minutes after submitting the form, I’d already got my RMA number and shipping address, in Almere, Netherlands. I sent the key and a couple of days later they confirmed they’d received it. 7 days later, UPS delivered the new key 🙂 Success! 🙂
Process duration: 12 days. Cost: 1.60 € (35 g package).

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