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A few Grub 2 customizations

Grub, or should I write, GRUB (for GRand Unified Bootloader), got rewritten into a version 2 (actually, not really finished as far as I know, at least in Ubuntu 10.10 I have something like version 1.98 or sth) in order to “make it more simple”. *cough*, that’s a flippin’ joke, ain’t it? Just look at the mess they made of the configuration files: whatever was hard in Grub 1 looks plainly impossible in Grub 2… But, well, we’re used to that in Linux (and I bet some of you just like such complications, you sick sickos :D), so as usual we’ll deal with it until something better (like… a GUI? – please, pretty please with tons of cherries on top?) comes up. And as usual again, as I’ll learn I’ll try to write it down there so I won’t have to search for it ever again… hopefully.

All things here have been done under Ubuntu, most likely version 10.10 x64.

How to change the timeout

Connect as root (su).
Open /etc/default/grub (nano /etc/default/grub).
Find the line starting with GRUB_TIMEOUT, and edit at will.
Save (CTRL+X and then yes – Y).
Finally, update the grub.cfg (update-grub).

How to make Ubuntu boot in verbose mode

A.k.a. how to remove the useless splash screen in order to replace it with beautiful and various internals. The steps are like in the previous paragraph, but instead of editing the timeout line you need to comment the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash".

How to change the background

I’ve forgotten already, will try to find it when I have the time……


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