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How to add users in Linux…

… using only the console.

For the 2 years and a half (wow, time does fly…) I’ve been running Wiki4games on a dedicated server, I’ve always been a bit lazy about learning command line. Sure, I’ve been using it. Sure, I’ve written a few bash maintenance scripts. But still, I’ve mainly been using Webmin. As a matter of fact I’ve been using it whenever it was possible. But recently I rented another server, for testing, and found out that sometimes typing a few commands is actually faster than installing Webmin and then browsing around it.

And here comes today’s topic: how to create a user just with the command line:

  1. login as root, obviously (or sudo things): su
  2. create the user: useradd [name of the new user]
  3. set its password: passwd [name of the new user]
  4. create its home directory: mkdir /home/[name of the new user]
  5. give the user its home directory: chown [name of the new user] /home/[name of the new user]

Tada, you’re done already 🙂

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