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How to hurt the RIAA aka Sony, Virgin, Philips, Warner Bros etc

Digg is a site I look at regularly. It has its problems but it does show strong opinion on certain subjects and one of those is the RIAA. Its no secret that the RIAA has built a large amount of hatred among the Internet Savvy and beyong. Their aggresive tactics are becoming common knowledge and there appears to be no limit to how far they will take something. One thing that has been highlighted is a point made by the EFF whereby the idiots over at the big brand police RIAA say that even copying your CD and ripping it on to your IPOD or backing it up is not fair use. As by their usual standards this generates an anger amongst users as you can expect.

Story aside I think its high time that the RIAA is not referenced by its name but rather by its members. The point here is that slagging off the RIAA has no effect and thats how they want it to be. It doesnt matter how many stories, user comments, discussion goes on, the RIAA only exists to take all of the abuse away from the brands it represents. Imagine how much it would hurt someone like Sony if each time a bad article, comment or story reached the masses it had the words representing Sony in the title. Enough of that would force a brand to leave the RIAA group because it was too damaging to their brand name. Consumers have power and all the tools are available to use right there in Digg with its big audience reach. Press the right buttons and those members will jump ship to prevent extremely costly damage to brands that have taken decades to build.

Note : this is a copy/paste from which has been suspended for some reason so I copied their full article in order not to lose it.

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