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How to add stat-tracking code to Gallery 3

Gallery is an open source project used to publish, well, picture galleries, obviously. It uses PHP and MySQL. It’s currently in its version 3.0.1. Not that awesome, particularly since version 3 makes some heavy use of Flash… but still the best due to lack of competitors.
Anyway, as I stated in a previous post, I added Piwik to my gallery for stat-tracking from the beginning, and during an update I noticed that I forgot to write down how to do it. So here it is. Note that it works, of course, with any stat-tracker (Google Analytics, Statcounter, etc). If your gallery uses several themes, you’ll have to edit each of them, too. I just use the default, “wind”, so that’s the one we’ll edit:

  • open /themes/wind/views/page.html.php
  • find </body>
  • add the stat-tracking code just before it
  • save and upload

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  1. Daniel says

    Thanks a lot, the module is broken so this is the only option

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