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Flash 10.3 beta for portable browsers

Flash Player 10.3 is already in beta. Version (aka d180) was made available today in the Adobe Labs. The most notable changes are that Flash is now supposed to interface properly with the browsers’ privacy settings, and also it finally features a real control panel (check out Flash Player in your Control Panel), which is fairly more comfortable (and probably somewhat more secure, too) than having to browse to Adobe’s website to alter the Flash settings…
So, let’s pack it like the previous versions so that people with portable browsers can try it too. As usual, the folder where to place the extracted files depending on the portable browser:

  • Firefox Portable: Data/plugins
  • Opera USB: program/plugins
  • Iron or Chrome Portable: Iron/plugins
  • Internet Explorer Portable: nah, just kidding 😉

Here it is the zip containing NPSWF32.dll and flashplayer.xpt.

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  1. Padster says

    Can you upload it somewhere else? I’m trying to update my flash for firefox portable at school, which blocks those sites 🙁

  2. patheticcockroach says

    Well, I suppose they don’t block this one: (but it’s temporary, will self-destruct after 5 days)

  3. Padster says

    Oh, thanks 🙂
    I’m at home now, so I’ll just download it from here 🙂
    The thing is that it’s Friday, and it’s March break next week, so it would expire anyway.

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