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Bonus browser benchmarks: Iron 10 and Opera 11.50

Two days ago I posted some browser JavaScript speed test, but since I use Iron instead of Chrome I only had version 9. Since I read that Chrome claimed to have improved JavaScript speed by “60%” (sic), I thought maybe it was unfair to use version 9 instead of 10, so now that Iron 10.0.650.0 is released I can test it too :). I also thought it might be a good idea to include a development snapshot of Opera 11.50 (build 24661), since version 11.01 is getting old already. The materials used are just the same as in the previous test, so go check them there if you want. I only added the new values and updated the histograms.


Both browsers are doing a bit worse than their previous versions… Considering that Chrome was supposed to gain 60%, that’s somewhat disappointing, even though it remains clearly better than Firefox 4 and MSIE 9.
Opera 11.50: 436 ms
Iron 10: 413.2 ms
Browser benchmark with SunSpider: Lower is better


This time, Iron improves by a few points, while Opera is doing once again not as good as previously.
Opera 11.50: 5029
Iron 10: 6481
Browser benchmark with Peacekeeper: Higher is better

Mr. Potato Gun

This time, it looks like somebody’s been doing their homework: Opera is 1200% faster than before, taking the second place while it used to be last. Iron is 45% faster than before (nope, that’s still not the 60% I heard about… but I guess that’s close enough(?)).
Opera 11.50: 13420
Iron 10: 2546
Browser benchmark with Mr. Potato Gun: Higher is better

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  1. MrB says

    Nice results Thanks for the info. I used Iron untill version 10 came out. I switched to Opera 11.10 it works really well and seems faster to me than Iron 10. I would have stayed with Iron but the only support you can get for it is there forum. Iron’s forum is not very good support in my opinion. You have to wait for your question to be approved and then it may never be answered. It is very hard to solve problems that way. It makes me sad I had to dump Iron but man Opera 11.10 is just so much better. I hope to see more speed tests from you. Nice work.

  2. patheticcockroach says

    Well, here’s a more recent version actually: 🙂

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