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Welcome to CensorScape

Hi there, and welcome to the first post in our new CensorScape series! So, we’re going to show off some of the ultimate censorship practiced by Jagex on their “RuneScape” game, and for this we’ll just post every now and then a topic picked up on their forum before it got removed… pretty simple huh? Here we go with post ID 74-75-532-57488719 by True Light X on 24-Aug-2008 04:19:13 (Jagex time).

So, we have some nice skills don’t we? some skills that are fun or useful to use, right? But, my fellow players…why do we NOT have a babymaking skill? Maybe ‘babymaking’ is not a good name. Reproduction is a better choice for a skill name. So, why do we not have it? I mean, we have boring skills like Farming, and pointless skills like Summoning. And then we have Firemaking. How the hell does that help us at all?

A Reproduction skill is great in any sense. It would be a fun skill to train. Players can also produce either more human NPC’s or make a clone of a dead player. Reproduction could also be a great way to drain some money out of the economy, but that is not an important aspect. Training the Reproduction skill with another player could also add interesting temporary effects of other stats. Hitpoints could be fully restored, with a boost of 10 Hitpoints. Although in addition to this bonus, energy would be halved.

So that’s all. Please leave your thoughts and comments.

Result: the post was removed around 15 minutes later, the topic locked, and the poster banned from the forums… Here is the post by Mod Tron:

True Light X,

I have been forced to remove your posting privileges and lock this thread as it is completely inappropriate for the RuneScape Forums.

Rule 1 of the Forum Code of Conduct forbids players from posting anything which others may find offensive or inappropriate. Please remember that RuneScape is enjoyed by players of a wide range of ages and cultures.

The best advice I can give you is to have a good read of the Forum Code of Conduct. If you do this, you will be fully aware of what is (and what is not) allowed on the RuneScape Forums.

Many thanks,


Welcome to CensorScape.

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